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Transparent TZ Pinball Clock Housings



Always striving to keep our products above the competition (if you can even call it that) Electronic Model Systems proud to manufacture and supply the finest crystal CLEAR replacement TZ pinball clock housing.


Crystal Clear is the original clock housing that we produced. The highly polished mold produced vastly superior parts that look fantastic installed on one of the greatest pinball machines ever produced.




This material is a crystal Clear transparent polycarbonate (Lexan) with "edge glow" characteristics.  Our injection molding tool is highly polished which yield very attractive crystal clear clock housings.


These crystal Clear TZ Clock Housings look incredible on the machine.  These brand new crystal Clear clock housings are in very limited supply.


TZ Pinball Replacement Crystal CLEAR Clock Housing

EMS Part # C03-8833

Sold Out.

$99.95 + 5.95 Shipping & Handling



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